Ever feel like you missed a class on how to have a romantic relationship? Do you feel like you will never be allowed into the prestigious club known as plus one? Have you felt that going on a normal date seems to be a long shot? If so then you will love this blog. Hi I'm Dave and I am a survivor of the New York dating scene. This is the story of a socially inept geeky sweet guy on a quest to find love and a decent set of glasses...whatever comes first.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Cheesecake & The Pick Up Artist Part Seven

As the night progressed, I found myself wandering the party in a daze. My New Years Eve had not gone at all how I expected. I had dreams of a sexual adventure that I would be telling my friends about for years. Instead, it was a night filled with shame and embarrassment.

I walked up to the roof of the apartment hoping to change my fate. The party was in full swing as I arrived. Beautiful people were drinking, dancing and generally having a grand time. I found Jack upstairs talking to a group of girls. All three were stunning and I could tell that Jack was in over his head. He was sweating and his expression was full of anxiety.

As I approached them I suddenly got the idea to use my latest magic trick. The fire wallet was a trick wallet that when opened would shoot flames in the air. It was a trick I had been practicing for weeks with. I was looking forward to performing it and figured that it would make quite an impression on these girls.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cheesecake & The Pick Up Artist Part Six

I walked into the midtown apartment knowing that tonight would be my night. It had been months since I had lost my job and I was still unemployed. Looking for a job was difficult when you were now a full time pick up artist. Well at least I was trying to be a pick up artist. The reality was that even though I was going out seven nights a week, I had yet to make any real progress.

But as Frankie D had advised me, this was the road I had chosen and it would not be easy. So what if I was blowing through my savings. So what if I was beginning to ask my parents for loans. It would all be worth it once I succeeded.

It was New Years Eve and this time things were different. I was no longer at home eating Doritos and trolling OkCupid profiles. Now I was in a wild New Years Eve party being thrown by complete strangers. I was surrounded by beautiful Manhattanites drinking and dancing. I knew this would be the night when I got my New Years Eve kiss. I knew this was the night I would stop being a looser.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Cheesecake & The Pick Up Artist Part Five

I sat in my supervisor's office full of anxiety. The chair felt two sizes too small and the air was beginning to feel thin. Across from me sat Bob. Bob wore a nice buttoned down suit and his hair was slicked back. His office was small and cramped. It was quite bare, no posters or pictures of his family. Just a desk, a computer and some file cabinets.

“Do you know why I called you in here?” Bob asked me.

I gulped, my hands were fists and I felt a cold sweat trickle down my back. “I have a suspicion” I replied.

“David your performance this past year has been pretty abysmal,” Bob said as he leafed through a stack of papers.

“Yeah I know” I stammered “But this past month I have been doing better

“What’s going on David?” Bob said as he stared at me.

How did I get here? I wondered to myself. A year ago I was making sales bonuses and now I wasn’t even meeting quota. To find out why we would need to rewind the clock one year.